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Skiing is the most sought after snow activity that attracts a huge number during every winter vacations. Due to its increasing popularity many Holiday Inn’s and spaces are built around snow valleys, which are commonly referred to as Ski Resort.

The Ski Resorts are open for tourists booking and the resorts provide the guests with a perfect ambience to indulge in verities of ski activities.

Ski Resorts are highly popular in Europe and America, and it has also become one of the most attractive tourist spots in the world.

Lovely Location

Skiing spots are generally snow covered mountains located approximately 1500 meters above sea level – The Best of Vertical Height. The white carpet covered snow enchants you just with its mild ambience.

ski resort


Play, Play and Play. If you are not a keen skier don’t get locked up in your room thinking you’ve got nothing to do being around snow. There’s so much to do on day in Ski Resorts, Here they go:

Show your Snow – Sculpture Art

Get creative and become an artist. Build your famous snowman sculpture or any create something straight out of your mind. Most children like to build snow sculptures making them extra creative.


snow sculptures


Snow – Shoeing

This is a simple way to explore the mountains with little skiing acts. Normally Snow – Shoes involves walking, running and jumping in the snow fields with 2 tennis rackets in your hands which acts as your supportive stand.


Snow – Shoeing


Ice Climbing

Ice climbing involves climbing the snow covered mountains using ropes and protective instruments. While Ice – Climbing feels quiet risky in great heights it is also easily the most adventurous activity


Ice Climbing



Bobsleigh is an international sport, which had now become more common among many Ski Resorts. It’s a fun ride using a mat that can carry two to four members and that can move around in 70mph speed.





This highly recommended new sport happens around a normal scooter with a snowboard like modification instead of wheels. Swing through the snow covers with your folks. Even you can conduct the rally using snow scooters.





Say Bye to the land and fly away in the mountain winds through this paragliding sport. You can hang around in a parachute. Paragliding is the famous and most recommended activity in all sophisticated resorts.




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