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Beach Birthday Party Games

birthday parties

Plan a fun birthday beach party. Think about adding a few games to play. Party games make it easy to involve everyone in the fun and can appeal to people of all ages and abilities. Games are not only fun to play but can be amusing to watch as well.

It’s always fun to play games at the beach with cool breeze caressing our soul, waves touching our feet on a cozy summer evening. Beach House gives you more memories after your celebration.

The Party Invite:

To add a really cool twist to your beach party invitation, buy small beach balls, using a color marker write down the party venue, date and time on the balls.  Give out these balls to your party guests.

Party Decoration:

To maintain the party mood for your guests put down some sand and seashells on the path leading to the beach party. Hang placards on the trees branches that illustrate your party mood, wrap the trees with beach towels, fill balloons with sand, take an old wine bottle fill it with sand and seashells place it on the center of the table.  Use bright colored pails to hold chips, dips, drinks and they can also hold forks, spoons and napkins.

Beach Games

Beach Games:

Treasure Hunt:

Bury small treasures such as pebbles, pretty rocks, seashells, fake jewels in the beach mud. Give the party guests shovels and sifters to find the buried treasure in the beach. Give away the gifts to winners.


In a party some guests don’t know each other, this game is all about asking silly questions and the guests should answer them.  Make the guests sit in a circle, play the music, pass on the ball and when the music stops the one who’s holding the ball is out of the game and he must answer the question asked by the host.

Build a Castle:

Building a sandcastle on the beach is so much fun for all the ages. Divide the guests into team and ask them to build a castle within a stipulated time. The team that builds the biggest and the best castle based on the criteria such as creativity, neatness and teamwork within the time is awarded as the wining team.

Beach Games

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