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Renting out a Beach House is one of the best and refreshing ways to spend your summer vacation. Although we have the beach waters and sands to keep you occupied, planning some in-house and as well as outdoor games will definitely accentuate your holidaying experience. Find out what are some of the interesting ideas to have a fun-filled and unforgettable vacation!

Board/Card Games

One of the most cliched ideas is to play card/board games during your beach house stay! But, as cliched as they sound, they are worthy of one’s time as well. There are plenty of board/card games such as UNO, Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, Werewolf, etc. which can keep you occupied for a good amount of time provided there are sufficient numbers of people to keep the games interesting.


Water Hover-Board

Water Hover-Board is the rage of today’s world which needs no introduction. But for first timers who are totally from a different planet, the water hover-board is nothing fancy but just a normal hover-board which is connected to a hose which in turn is connected to a Jet Ski’s turbine. The Jet Ski’s turbine propels the hover-board in such a way that makes the user to levitate. This is one of the most exciting and fun sports of recent times which are loved by people of all age groups.


Beach Volleyball

This is one of the popular choices of sport when it comes to Beach-house fun. This game is played in the water be it in beach/swimming pool where a net is tied and the members are equally divided into two. The team with the maximum numbers of points wins. However, this can be custom made to people as per their tastes.


Kids Special

There are numerous games which can be played by your kids in the beach. Building sand castles, sand man are few of the messy options. Other than these, buckets of waters can be filled and can be used for water relays where the kids must carry these buckets and run in a relay fashion. Apart from these, beach Frisbee, freeze & melt are few of the options that are fun to play when there are large group of kids available.


Play these games and make your beach vacation a fun-filled one!

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