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Enrich your Building Structure with Living Green Walls


Most of us have dreamt of having a garden inside or around our home, but unfortunately this has been a daunting problem for those living in a metropolitan area with cramped space and pollution. Thanks to Adrien Fainsilber for proposing the first outdoor vertical garden – Green Walls in the late 90’s.

What are Vertical Gardens?

Green walls or vertical gardens are the cutting edge of design and are ideal to install on almost any structure- indoor and outdoor. Green wall involves the process of growing plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers up instead of down on the ground, with the help of biofelt technology.

Benefits of Green Walls:

  • Creation of nature spaces indoors
  • Increase biodiversity.
  • Absorb and clean air pollutants from the environment.
  • Fight against climate change
  • Increase well-being
  • Adds value to any type of façade

Studies have shown that living walls can increase the property values of commercial buildings by up to 20 percent.

Green Walls are ideal to bring life to any structure:

  • Public and municipal parks and buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Eco-Friendly buildings
  • Commercial buildings and office areas
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational buildings

Transform your space with the highest-quality vertical gardens.

Things to Consider in Green Wall Gardening:

  • If you are implementing green wall gardening in your outdoor space, then you can water the plants normally but you should use small tubes to spray water in your indoor gardening
  • Though soil isn’t the major concern for vertical garden, you would have to spray fertilizers to keep the plants healthy.
  • You should be cautious in choosing the type of plant you are about to grow in vertical gardening. Always ensure you don’t choose those that spread their roots in depth or grow in excess.
  • Though vertical gardening might seem exciting, it’s quite a tedious task in comparison to growing garden horizontally. But you can always hire experts who can help you out with this new technique.

To implement this architecture design in your space, you can get in touch with living wall designers and suppliers. Several farm and beach houses in ECR have recognized the benefits of implementing green walls. Have a look at these coastal farms by contacting Stayoo

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