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The Privacy Policy of Farm&Beach Houses, summarizes the ways we protect the information our website users provide. Farm&Beach Houses gathers information that is voluntarily supplied by the websites’ visitors As the users navigate through the website’s various information is gathered. If the users wish to drop comments for the contents that’s posted in the website basic information such as the name, email id, is collected. The information given by every individual user is well protected by the site team, and the sole purpose of collecting the users information is to tailor and enhance the website as per the users needs.

The information that the users provide will be solely used to enhance the users experience in the website or to manage subscription and none of it at all will be used for external business purpose. Just in case our users remain to be anonymous and use the site without providing any information, that is also valid and the users can have access to our plethora of contents for view. The images used in the website can be taken from different sources and all of them is used for information purpose alone, and not for any business purpose. Note: Credit will be given when an image from an external source is used.

To increase our website’s responsiveness to the needs of its users we invoke a browser software called a “cookie.” Cookies are used to make the users experience inside the website better, by getting an understanding of what the users expect from the site. Social network integration is made inside the website which the users can get access to and use to share information and contents from the website. The website might contain contents and links to other websites whose privacy policy we do not control. The Privacy Policy of other websites could be similar to us or in no way related to our website at all. In that case to know more about the other site’s privacy, you should visit their site or contact the website team.

All the information that is gathered inside Farm&Beach houses is securely stored within the website, and every detail the website’s users provide is password protected. Any information lost during the transmission using the internet, has nothing to do with the website. The content provided by the users in the discussion area can be viewed by the public.

The website will be enhanced and will go through a medium of changes form now and then, and in that the Privacy Policy will be altered at some point in the future.

About us

Farm and Beach Houses is a quintessential leading online magazine showcasing the most exquisite Farm and Beach House locations around the world. Feast your eyes for some intricate details on the best in class luxurious Villas and stay’s for here’s where you’ll find spaces that are an epitome of fancy style and living. The web magazine covers features and emblazons different styles of stays and locations which include shooting spots, entertainment and posh gathering spots with compelling architectural details.

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