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Top Honeymoon Destinations Of The World


Though there are many romantic destinations throughout the world, there are certain places which are tailor made for honeymoons. Since honeymoons are the first ever official vacation for married couples, they tend to make it special and memorable. Therefore, a honeymoon destination will be loaded with facilities that scream luxury and privacy. Be it from gorgeous beaches, private pools, honeymoon suites and honeymoon packages, they have it all. Some of the most intriguing destinations are discussed below.



This Indonesian island which is otherwise known as the “Island of Gods” is one of the most gorgeous destinations for honeymoons. From the lavish private pool villas to the scenic rich mountains and environment, Bali can never miss a beat in making its tourists’ jaws drop. The most attractive spot of Bali is the Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple which located in the peak of a cliff which in turn is about 200 feet above the Indian Ocean. It is an unwritten rule to visit this temple when one visits Bali.


This is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world which is completely surrounded by water. The specialty of this city is the beautiful gondola rides for fun or even travel around the city with water boats or vaporettos. Do not miss the street side shops that sell pizzas and pasta as those kinds of eat outs offer the most delicious food of all times.


This is one of the most popular choices for a vacation especially for people who are shopaholics. This city is the epitome of luxury and glory. Camel rides are a special attraction here and the obvious desert safari where you can have a little bit of an adrenaline rush to yourself. Apart from that if you are a gadget freak this is “The” place to go to!

Sri Lanka

This gorgeous tropical country needs no introduction to its pleasing environment and aura. Sri Lanka is a humid country but with breezy air throughout due to the existence of massive plantations of coconut trees throughout. There are several private pool villas spread across this country where you can pick one to leave back your troubles.


First honeymoon or a recurring honeymoon, the above destinations can uplift your romance either ways!

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